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An initiative of Eastern Fare Music Foundation, the North-East India page on Facebook was founded in July, 2009. It was Jim Ankan and his teamís love for North East that gave forth to the creation of this popular page on Facebook. In the first year, the page crossed the benchmark of 10,000 members. With regular updates of imperative, fun and frolicky facts about the North Eastern Corner of India, the page also focuses on significant travel destinations and esteemed North Eastern Personalities to a worlwide audience. This service is provided by the Eastern Fare Music Foundation team completely free of charge
the gateway to heaven

Foreword by Jim Ankan

North-East India – the land of elysian culture and verdure, appealing to the emotions as well as the eye, a place with never ending happiness and wads of ethnic groups, cultures, and different tribes. The land also talks about the smell of tea leaves, the view of orphic valleys, the offbeat hills, aesthetically pleasing sight of bonnie damozels working in the fields, the vision of single horned rhinos and cuckoos, betel nut trees n the betel leaves (taamul-paan), chirping of birds, 'moos' of cows, 'maaas' and 'baaas' of goats, ‘quacks’ of ducks, ‘barks’ of dogs, ‘meows’ of cats, ‘cock-a-doodle-doos’ of roosters, clucks of chickens and mirths of beautiful North-eastern filles.

This is the place where men, women and children arise before the sun comes alive. Where kinfolks give a thankful call to God, before they call their nestlings in the mornings. This is my place where my soul dwells in harmony of color, sound, music and peace.
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